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Oak Hill Equipment offers articulated dump trucks (ADTs) from Bell Trucks America, Inc., including the revolutionary E series haul trucks and the Bell tracked carrier.. Bell has a time-tested reputation for strong, reliable trucks and service among a wide network of ADT dealers in the United States and Mexico.

Features and Advantages of Bell Trucks

Why should you choose Bell articulated trucks?

  • Exceptional fuel efficiency
  • On-board diagnostics
  • Reliability on the job
  • Mercedes diesel engine
  • On-board weighing
  • Fleetmatic remote monitoring
  • Outstanding durability
  • Unbeatable power-to-weight ratio

Oak Hill Equipment is your  Bell haul truck dealer, where you can get top-of-the-line Bell ADTs. Bell Trucks America creates lasting value with its current offering, which includes several generations of trucks built using the best materials and designs.

Bell E Series Haul Trucks

The E Series represents the next evolution of the Bell articulated truck, with features that provide a rocket boost to productivity and reduce operating costs, giving you the lowest cost per ton on the market.

The Bell E series ADTs have more than remarkable performance; they also faithfully provide a high-quality, safe ride.

The Bell trucks contain top-of-the-line Mercedes engines and Allison transmissions to give you leading performance and fuel efficiency. The planetary powershift offers optimal shift points for dynamic driving conditions and truck weight.

The E Series has standard safety features like Tip Safe, Hill Assist, and automatic braking on descent. You can use the speed control to set the appropriate speed limit for the operator, and the safe automated tipping feature ensures optimal dump site productivity.

Other impressive elements of the newest Bell trucks include the vehicles’ limited slip differentials for minimal tire wear, A-frame suspension with hydro-pneumatic struts to boost off-road capability, and an innovative rear suspension that keeps the tires on the ground with sacrificing ground clearance.

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Bell Tracked Carriers

Bell tracked carriers, in 7- and 11-ton sizes, which provide a premier solution for soft terrain with the same innovative design and power as all Bell trucks.

The Bell Tracked Carrier comes in two sizes, the 11-ton and the 7-ton, giving you the right size for your application.

Bell has used their knowledge as ADT specialists to produce a comfortable, safe and economical ride. The ROPS/FOPS cab is top of the line for ergonomics and visibility. The new revolutionary suspension system keeps more of the track on the ground than any of our competitors, improving the operator control, comfort and track life.

These machines serviceability is second to none. Conveniently located just behind the cab door, you can access the DEF, fuel, various filters, and more while keeping two feet on the ground.

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From the beginning of the job, Bell articulated dump trucks and tracked carriers offer the most cost-efficient performance with uncompromising power and safety, giving your business the edge it needs.

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